The 10-Minute Talks PACK

Get BOTH of Jonathan's 10-Minute Talks books in ONE PACK for ONE discounted price!

Each book has 24 READY MADE Talks with small group questions!

Endorsed by Doug Fields, Jim Burns, Mark Oestreicher, Chap Clark, Duffy Robbins, Dan Kimball, Scott Rubin, Kurt Johnston, Dave Rahn, Les Christie and more! Two of these books won Outreach Magazine's OUTREACH award.

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Sometimes you don’t have their attention for very long. Whether you’ve planned for a short message or your program has run long, a ten-minute talk is sometimes all you have space for in your youth ministry. So make sure you make it ten minutes that really count!

If you need to communicate something meaningful in just a little time, both 10-Minute Talks and MORE 10-Minute Talks have just what you need—each with two dozen ready-to-go, story-based talks. With talks for spiritual growth, targeted at your Christian students, and outreach talks, perfect for any teenager, you’ll be prepared to give them a bite of truth that they can walk away remembering.