Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer

The book that Zig Ziglar calls, "Eye Opening and thought Provoking!"

"I found The New Breed: Understanding & Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer more than a little enlightening. The information the McKees share is current, thorough and updated. Their style of writing is hopeful and they offer clear, step-by-step procedures and processes, answering many of the "whys" along the way. Their advice is eye-opening and thought-provoking. I believe this book would be equally valuable and beneficial to business and volunteerism."
Zig Ziglar
Author and Motivational Teacher

"I've never met a youth worker or anyone else in ministry who has a problem with getting too many volunteers. It's not because of a lack of people, rather the problem seems to lie in the approach. That's why The New Breed should be required reading for anyone in a position of recruiting, training, and managing volunteers. The McKee dynamic duo takes this complex and challenging subject and lay it out in understandable and practical terms. Be careful, though - because if you put this book into action, you just might have too many volunteers!"
Greg Stier
Dare 2 Share Ministries

"Jonathan and Tom McKee's book, The New Breed, is an enthusiastic, thoughtful, and contemporary look at volunteering as it is evolving in this new century. There's no question that organizations must utilize up-to-date management techniques to attract and retain the wide range of people who want to serve their cause. In a practical and often humorous way, the authors introduce real-life challenges in volunteer engagement and give wonderful suggestions for everything from recruiting to using computer technology for communication. They aim to inspire the leader of volunteers and they succeed."
Susan J. Ellis
Energize, Inc.

"If you want to better understand how to attract, inspire and guide the modern volunteer read Jonathan and Tom McKee's, The New Breed. Drawn from real world experience this highly entertaining and easy to read book is an excellent contribution to nonprofit management literature. I recommend it highly."
Dan Taylor
Vice President
National Audubon Society

"Jonathan and Tom have teamed together to present a very practical and fun book to read. I cannot think of anything more important in ministry or business than volunteers. The book contains not only valuable ministry enhancing principles but is also filled with stories of real people. The resources section alone is worth the price of the book."
Les Christie
Chair, Youth Ministry Department
William Jessup University

"Tom McKee and his son Jonathan, have created a wonderfully insightful book to help us all understand and co-create the new world of volunteerism. Every volunteer manager in this country is facing the need to stop doing business as usual and re-think their approach to all aspects of volunteer management - recruiting, rewarding and retaining volunteers. The paradigm has shifted and we must adapt. Tom gives great sage advice in his new book, The New Breed: Understanding & Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer and I love the counterpoint of the fresh, new ideas and approaches suggested by his son. Not only is their banter back and forth very realistic - it's also very loving and fun - making this book a sure way to get inside the heads of the newest generation. Volunteer managers everywhere need to get this book - it's filled with great suggestions for changing the way we do our work. Congratulations to this new dynamic duo!"
Mary Lynn Perry, M.A.
Volunteer Coordinator
City of Sacramento
Board Member-Directors of Volunteers in Agencies

"The world of volunteerism has changed a lot over the past ten years and the McKee's definitely get it. In this very practical leadership book, they have perfectly described today's ‘new breed' of volunteers and reveal recruiting secrets that will not only help you build a team but keep it together for a long long time."
Wayne Rice
Co-founder, Youth Specialties
Founder, Understanding Your Teenager Seminars

"People and money. They are the two undeniable building blocks of any organization, and it sure seems to me that over the past few decades money is the easier one to find. This book is a practical, readable, usable tool box of outstanding training on this new generation of volunteer. It speaks to the most challenging and critical aspects of our work with people with clarity and wisdom. The New Breed will be sitting on the desks of all of our staff as soon as I can get my hands on it!!"
Dan Jessup
Regional Director
Young Life Pikes Peak Region

"Articulate and succinct, the McKees have captured the essentials of recruiting, training, retaining, and occasionally even firing volunteers. They unravel the often conflicting motivations of different generations of volunteers. The easy to read text is loaded with illustrations and helpful, handson tools that can be immediately put to work. A must read for anyone who wants to manage a successful volunteer program."
Stephen E. Drew
Chief Curator
California State Railroad Museum

"Working as a Volunteer Coordinator for a leading volunteer center can be inspiring, motivational… and challenging. The New Breed: Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century Volunteer prompted me to revisit our mission and clarify my passion for providing effective opportunities for the modern volunteer. The all too true-to-life case studies conjured several "ah-ha" moments which allowed me to fine-tune my techniques to make sure I deliver the best experience possible for my valued volunteers."
Christine Wallace
Community Resources Coordinator
Volunteer Center of Sacramento

"I have not seen a more effective book on working with volunteers. The New Breed is practical, relevant, and the generational insight of a Father/Son team is very helpful. I highly recommend this book."
Jim Burns , Ph.D.
President, HomeWord

"Excellent book! It's packed with practical advice on how to recruit, motivate and retain volunteers as well as how to keep them happy and productive. It's a quick read and well worth every minute of your time."
Vicki Hitzges
Corporate Motivational Speaker
The world of volunteers has changed. But have you changed, too?

Across the country, volunteer ranks continue to grow, but people are volunteering differently. They're working online, seeking flexible schedules, and pursuing a role in defining how projects should be completed. They want to feel a sense of responsibility for your organization's overall mission.

Put simply, these volunteers don't want to simply make a contribution; they want to make a difference!

Jonathan McKee and Thomas McKee have tapped into their decades of experience with the simple goal of helping you recruit, manage, and lead the new breed of volunteers. They'll guide you to a clearer understanding of what today's volunteers look like, how they want to get involved, and how you can most effectively attract, train, and unleash them within your organization.

You'll also discover a bounty of helpful resources to assist you, including job descriptions, applications, and interview questions; activities, icebreakers, and team-builders for volunteer meetings; community-building activities; and tips for board retreats and planning sessions.

The 21st century calls for a new system and for a greatly expanded definition of what it means to be a volunteer. If you can harness this passion and potential, you'll experience results that will reward both your organization and your volunteers.